Ethics in Practice – Fifth Edition

[N]: New to fifth edition; [R]: Revised for Ethics in Practice; [W]: Written for Ethics in Practice
Front Matter

Preface for Instructors
General Introduction [W] [R]
Theorizing about Ethics [W] [R]
Reading Philosophy [W] [R]
Writing a Philosophy Paper [W] [R]
Basics of Argumentation [NW]

Part I    Ethical Theory
Ethical Theory

1   Consequentialism [R & R]
William H. Shaw

2   Deontology [W & R]
DavidMcNaughton and Piers Rawling [RW]

3   Rights [W & R]

4   Virtue Theory [W]
Rosalind Hursthouse

Part II     Life, Death, and Moral Status


5     Justifying Physician-Assisted Deaths [W]                                                                          
Tom L. Beauchamp

6     Against the Right to Die [R]  
J.David Velleman

7. Physician-Assisted Deaths: Policy Choices [NW]
Ronald Lindsey

8     Dying at the Right Time: Reflections on (Un)Assisted Suicide [W & R]                         
John Hardwig

9     “’For Now Have I My Death’:  The ‘Duty to Die’ Versus the Duty to Help the Ill Stay Alive.”
Felicia Ackerman
10    A Defense of Abortion                                                                                                    
Judith Jarvis Thomson

11    On the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion [R]                                                              
Mary Anne Warren

12    An Argument that Abortion is Wrong [W]                                                                        
Don Marquis

13    The Moral Permissibility of Abortion                                                                              
Margaret Olivia Little

14    Virtue Theory and Abortion [R]
Rosalind Hursthouse


15    All Animals are Equal                                                                                                      
Peter Singer

16    Moral Standing, the Value of Lives, and Speciesism                                                      
R. G. Frey

17    The Case for Animal Rights                                                                                           
Tom Regan

18  The Vegetarian Imperative
Michael Allen Fox

Biomedical Technologies
19    Is Women’s Labor a Commodity?
Elizabeth S. Anderson

20    “Goodbye Dolly?” The Ethics of Human Cloning
John Harris

21    The Wisdom of Repugnance: Why We Should Ban the Cloning of Humans
Leon R. Kass

22    Cognitive Enhancement  [NW]
Jonathan Pugh

23    The Value of Nature [W]
Ronald Sandler

24    A Place for Cost-Benefit Analysis [R & R]
David Schmidtz

25    Ideals of Human Excellence and Preserving Natural Environments
Thomas E. Hill, Jr.

26    A Perfect Moral Storm: Climate Change, Intergenerational Ethics, and the Problem of Moral Corruption [R]
Stephen M. Gardiner

Part III     Liberty and Equality

 and Risk

27    Freedom of Action
John Stuart Mill

28    Against the Legalization of Drugs
James Q. Wilson

29    Why We Should Decriminalize Drug Use [R]
Douglas Husak

30    The Liberal Basis of the Right to Bear Arms [R]
Todd C. Hughes and Lester H. Hunt

31    Gun Control
Hugh LaFollette


Free Speech                                                                                                                     
32    Freedom of Thought and Discussion                                                                                 
John Stuart Mill

33   “The Price We Pay?” Pornography and Harm [R]                                                            
Susan J. Brison

34    The Right to Get Turned On: Pornography, Autonomy, Equality                                      
Andrew Altman

35    Sticks and Stones [W]                                                                                                       
John Arthur

36    Speech Codes and Expressive Harm [W]                                                                        
Andrew Altman

Discrimination, Racism, and Sexism                                                                        
37    Racism as an Ethical Issue [N]                                                                                                                      
Michele  Moody-Adams

38    Servility and Self-Respect                                                                                             
Thomas E. Hill, Jr.

39  Implicit Bias, Awareness, and Moral Responsibility [NW]
Alex Madva

40    Affirmative Action as Equalizing Opportunity: Challenging the Myth of “Preferential Treatment” [W]                                                  
Luke Charles Harris and Uma Narayan

41    Sexual Harassment [NR]                                                                                               
Jennifer Saul

42    Men in Groups: Collective Responsibility for Rape [R]                                                  
Larry May and Robert Strikwerda

43  Ideals of Respect: Identity, Dignity and Disability [NW]
Adam Cureton

Religion, Conscience, and the State

44  Resolving Conflicts between Religious Liberty and Other Values [NW]
Mark R.Wicclair

45 Religious Conviction, Parental Authority, and Children’s Interests
Christopher Meyers [NW]

46  Gay Rights and Religious Accommodation [NW]
Adrew Koppleman

47 Conscientious Objection in Medicine [NW]
Mark R. Wicclair

48   “My Conscience May Be My Guide, but You May not Have to Honor It” [NR]
Hugh LaFollette

Part IV   Justice
49    Punishment and Desert [W]                                                                                          
James Rachels

50    Does Punishment Work? [W]                                                                                         
John Paul Wright, Francis T. Cullen, and Kevin M. Beaver

51    In Defense of the Death Penalty                                                                                   
Louis P. Pojman

52    Against the Death Penalty                                                                                              
Jeffrey Reiman

53  Just Deserts in an Unjust Society [NR]
Suart P. Green

54  To Protect and Serve — Policing of Minorities [NR]
John Kleinig

Economic Justice                                                                                                        
55    A Theory of Justice                                                                                                        
John Rawls

56    The Entitlement Theory of Justice                                                                                
Robert Nozick

57  Benefitting from Injustice [NW]
Daniel Butt

58  Bleeding Heart Libertarian View of Inequality [NW]
Andrew Jason Cohen

Global Justice
59  Refugees and the Right to Control Immigration [NW]
Christopher Heath Wellman

60  Case for Open Immigration [N]
Chandran Kukathas

61    Famine, Affluence, and Morality                                                                                       
Peter Singer

62    Famine Relief and the Ideal Moral Code [W]                                                                    
John Arthur

63    Eradicating Systemic Poverty: Brief for a Global Resources Dividend [R]                      
Thomas W. Pogge

War and Torture
64    Just War and Moral Consistency [NW]
Jonathan Parry (University of Birmingham)

65    Pacifism: Reclaiming the Moral Presumption [W]                                                            
William J. Hawk

66    The Justifiability of Humanitarian Intervention [R]                                                            
Charles R. Beitz

67    “Terrorism and Torture.”  [N]
Fritz Alhoff

68    “Unthinking the Ticking Time Bomb” [NR]
David Luban


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