Blackwell Guide to Ethical Theory

2nd edition

Hugh LaFollette and Ingmar Persson

“This outstanding collection contains really valuable entries by a great many leading lights in the field. An extremely useful resource for anyone wanting to acquaint themselves with the central issues in ethical theory today.”

—Russ Shafer-Landau, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Part I: Meta-ethics and Moral Epistemology

  1. Moral Realism: Michael Smith
  2. Relativism: Simon Blackburn
  3. Moral Agreement: Derek Parfit
  4. Divine Command Theory: Philip L. Quinn
  5. Moral Intuition: Jeff McMahan

Part II: Factual Background of Ethics

  1. Ethics and Evolution: Richard Joyce
  2. Psychological Egoism: Elliot Sober
  3. The Science of Ethics: Ron Mallon & John Doris
  4. The Relevance of Responsibility to Morality: Ingmar Persson

Part III: Normative Ethics

  1. Act-Utilitarianism: R. G. Frey
  2. Rule-Consequentialism: Brad Hooker
  3. Non-Consequentialism: F. M. Kamm
  4. Intuitionism: David McNaughton & Piers Rawling
  5. Kantianism: Thomas E. Hill, Jr.
  6. Contractarianism: Geoffrey Sayre-McCord
  7. Rights: L. W. Sumner
  8. Libertarianism: Jan Narveson
  9. Virtue Ethics: Michael Slote
  10. Capability Ethics: Ingrid Robeyns
  11. Feminist Ethics: Alison M. Jaggar
  12. Continental Ethics: William R. Schroeder