"Ideas and Issues"
Hugh LaFollette

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1995-6 Season
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Date  Person Topic
Sept. 14 John Parascandola
Historian: Public Health Service
significant and interesting events in the history of the PHS
Sept. 21 Mark Bekoff
biologist: University of Colorado
animal intelligence and animal emotion
Sept. 28 Lisa Lysett
Director, Erwin Mental Health Center
Board Moderator CHIPS
domestic violence
Oct. 5 Alan Kraut
Historian, American University
his book, Silent Travelers
[Best Book on Immigration in 1995]
Oct. 12 Tom Beauchamp
Senior Research Associate
Kennedy Institute of Ethics (Georgetown)
physician assisted suicide
Oct. 19 Bruce Shine
Kingsport attorney, specializing in labor law
employee ownership of business
Oct. 26 Abe Verghese
Physician and author
My Own Country
AIDS in the Tri-Cities
Nov. 2 W. Winkler (Director, WETS)
Carrington Ewell (Dir., Wm. King Arts Center)
federal support of public radio and the arts
Nov. 9 Henry Antkiewicz
Historian & Director
International Studies Program, ETSU
Haunted Land, book about Eastern Europe after the fall of communism
Nov 15 Michael Blankenship
Chair, Criminal Justice, ETSU
death penalty
Nov. 23 Rheta Grimsley Johnson
editor, Atlanta Constitution
The South: Race, Religion, and Politics
Nov. 30 Roy Nicks
President, ETSU
citizenship and education
Dec. 7 Weixing Chen
Political Science, ETSU
Birth Control and Abortion in China
Dec. 14 Larry Curtis
Chair, Environmental Health, ETSU
persistent pollutants
Dec. 21 John Stone
Human, Development, & Learning, ETSU
grade inflation and quality education
Dec. 28 Andy Battista
Political Science. ETSU
federal budget deficits
the balanced budget amendment
Jan 4 David Wise
widely recognized authority on espionage
book about spy Aldrich Ames
Jan 11 Wayne Speer
Director, Office for Students with Disabilities ETSU
Americans with Disabilities
Jan. 18 Sharyn McCrumb
Appalachian Writer
her best seller, She Walks These Hills
the nature of fiction
Jan. 25 Randall Dale Adams
wrongly convicted of murder
Life on Death Row
Feb. 1 John Egerton
Tennessee author
Speak Now Against the Day
early years of the Civil Rights Movement
Feb. 8 Don Marquis
Philosophy, University of Kansas
Why Abortion is Immoral
Feb. 15 Barbara Katz Rothman
Sociology, City University of New York
Why Abortion is not Immoral
Feb. 22 Michael Levin
Philosophy, CUNY
Why Homosexuality is Abnormal
Feb. 29 Burton Leiser
Philosophy, Pace University
Why Homosexuality Is not Immoral
March 7 Don Johnson / Bert Bach
Dean, Arts and Sciences / VPAA
The Value of General Education
March 14 John Seigenthaler
Dir. Freedom Forum 1st Amendment Center
Vanderbilt University
First Amendment
March 21 David Crocker
School of Public Affairs, U. of Maryland
World Hunger and Development
March 28 Michael Woodruff
Associate VP for Research, ETSU
Private Science of Louis Pasteur
100th ann. Pasteur's death
April 4 Robert Wetzel
Pres., Emmanuel School of Religion
In Support of the Anti-Evolution Bill
April 11 Hedy Weinberg
Executive Director, ACLU of Tennessee
In Opposition to the Anti-Evolution Bill
April 18 Duane Gish
Director, Institute of Creation Research
Why Creationism is True
April 25 Niall Shanks
Philosophy, ETSU
Why Evolution is True
May 2 George Poole
Math, ETSU
A Christian's Perspective on Humanism
May 9 Steven Fesmire
Philosophy, ETSU
Why I Am a Secular Humanist
May 16 Stephen Fritz
History, ETSU
Frontsoldaten, his book
on German soldiers in WWII
May 23 Tony Cavender
Sociology, ETSU
folk medicine
May 30 Colin Baxter
History, ETSU
his historigraphical bibliography,
The War in North Africa

"Ideas and Issues" 1996-7 Season
Date  Person Topic
Sept 5 Dan Stein
President, FAIR
(Federation for American Immigration Reform)
Why We Should Severely Limit Immigration
Sept 12 Alan Kraut
History, American University
A Historian's Perspective on Immigration
Sept 19 Ken Oster, Spanish Teacher
Dobyns-Bennett High School
Bi-lingual education
Sept 26 Barbara Bowman
President, Erickson Institute
The Importance of Cultural Diversity
Oct 3 Lenahan O'Connell, Political Science
University of Tennessee
Why Race is a Problem
Oct 10 David Upton, Minister
Inner City Church, Knoxville
(church destroyed by arson)
Race and Religion
Oct 17 Charles Mills
Philosophy, U. of Illinois, Chicago
The Continuing Importance of Race
Oct 24 T. Alexander Smith, Political Science
University of Tennessee
Against Affirmative Action
Oct 31 Walter Feinberg
Education, University of Chicago
In Support of Affirmative Action
Nov. 7 Frank Wu
Law, Howard University
Neither Black nor White: Asian Americans and Race Relations
Nov 14 John Hendrickson
Staff Attorney
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Sexual Harrassment
Nov 21 Judith Kegan Gardiner
English, University of Illinois, Chicago
Feminist View of Masculinity
Nov 28 Peggy Cantrell
Graduate Dean, ETSU
Changing Expectations of Women in Two Job Families
Dec 5 Ken Mijeski
Political Science, ETSU
The Mexican Shock, by Jorge Castenada
Dec 12 Jean and Ed Stead
Management, ETSU
Business and the Environment
Dec 19 David Marx
Psychology, ETSU
the legal status of psychology & psychiatry
Dec 26 Jim and Hilde Nelson
Medical Ethics, UT Knoxville
their book, The Patient in the Family
Jan 5 Peter Watson
attorney for parents of school children
killed in Dunblane (Scotland)
gun control
Jan 12 Daphne Hampson
Divinity, U. of St. Andrews (UK)
Why Christianity is Incompatible with Human Equality
Jan 19 John Haldane
Moral Philosophy, St. Andrews (UK)
Why I Am a Theist
Jan 26 Matthew Kieran
Center for Business & Professional Ethics, U. Leeds
Impartiality and News
Feb 2 Bryan Appleyard
columnist, Times & Independent (UK)
Sex and Violence
Feb. 9 Gordon Graham,
Regius Professor, U. of Aberdeen (UK)
Sex & Violence
Feb. 16 David Archard
Moral Philosophy, U. St. Andrews (UK)
Privacy and the media
Feb. 23 Stephen Whittle
Director, Broadcasting Standards Council (UK)
regulating the media
Mar 2 Martin Bell
BBC War Correspondent
covering the war in Bosnia
the proper role of the journalist
Mar 9 Paul Watson
co-founder of Greenpeace;
Captain "The Sea Shepherd"
Policing the Oceans
Mar 16 Dougie McLean
Scottish folk singer
why the land is important to who we are
Mar 23 Richard Wilkinson
epidemiologist, U. of Sussex (UK)
health costs of inequality
his book, Unhealthy Societies
Mar 29 Will Hutton
editor, The Observer (UK)
controlling capitalism
Apr 6 Neil MacCormick
Regius Professor of Public Law, University of Edinburgh
In Support of Scottish Nationalism
Apr 13 Andrew Brennan
Philosophy, U. of Western Australia
deep ecology
Apr 20 Maureen Cooper
Chemist, University of Stirling (UK)
women in science
April 27 William Newton-Smith
Balliol College, Oxford University
Higher Education in the Soviet Union
May 4 Richard Dawkins
Charles Simonyi Professor for the Pubic
Understanding of Science, Oxford
the public's (mis-)understanding of evolution
May 11 Matt Ridley
Science Writer
Origins of Virtue
May 18 Thomas Walker
Dir. Latin American Studies, Ohio.
GUEST HOST: Ken Mijeski
Revolution in Central American

"Ideas and Issues" 1997-8 Season
Date  Name Topic
Aug 31 Michael Hopkinson
History, University of Stirling
Understanding the History of Northern Ireland
Sept 7 Joe Hendron
former Member of Parliament, Belfast
the political dimensions of the conflict in Northern Ireland
Sept 14 Anne Lennon
religiously mixed couple in Belfast
the personal costs of the conflict
Sept 21 Alan Bairner
Politics, University of Belfast
Sport in Northern Ireland: Trying to Heal the Divisions
Sept 28 Paul Arthur
Politicsl, University of Belfast
the demise of the peace process
Oct 5 Mari Fitzduff
Director, Community Relations Council, Belfast
working to heal the wounds
Oct. 12 Hugh LaFollette annual fund raiser
Oct. 19 Michael Walzer
Institute for Advanced Studies, Princeton
Politics and Dirty Hands
Oct 26 Sissela Bok
Population Studies & Development Harvard
Honesty in Public Life
Nov. 2 David Archard
Philosophy, University of St. Andrews
Private Lives / Public Officials
Nov. 9 Tom Myerchin
National Director of Training, IRS
For whom does the bureaucrat work?
Nov 16 Bob Patton
State Representative
Whom Does the Legislator Represent?
Nov 23 Frank Wu
Law, Howard University
Campaign Finance Reform
Nov. 30 Peter Lynch
Politics, University of Stirling
The Political & Economic Impact of the European Union
Dec. 7 Stephen Ingle
Politics, University of Stirling
Parliamentary Government
Dec. 14 Arend Lijphart
Political Science, U. California, San Diego
Two forms of democracy
Dec. 21 Douglas Amy
Political Science, Mt. Holyoke
Proportional representation
Dec 28 Andrew Battista
Political Science, ETSU
The Role of Labor in American Politics
Jan 4 John Shelton Reed
Sociology, UNC
The South
Jan 11 Gustavo Perez Firmat
Romance Languages, Duke University
Biculturalism: The Cuban-American Experience
Jan 18 David Popenoe
Sociology, Rutgers
The Importance of Fathers
Jan 25 Joel Anderson
Philosophy, Washington University
Understanding the role of fathers
Feb 1 James Rachels
Philosophy, U. Alabama at Birmingham
Punishment and Desert
Feb 8 Jeffrie Murphy
Law, Arizona State University
Repentance and Punishment
Feb 15 Michael Blankenship
Crimial Justice, ETSU
Why We Should Abandon Retribution
Feb 22 John Wright
Criminal Justice, ETSU
early prevention
Mar 1 Jim Bowman
Defense Attorney, Johnson City
Plea Bargaining
Mar 8 Lynn Pasquerella
Philosophy, University of Rhode Island
Making Hard Time Even Harder
Mar 15 Howard Carleton
Warden, Northeast Correction Institution
Problems of Incarceration
Mar 22 Bob Henshw
Chief Probation Officer
Life after prison
Mar 29 Robert Audi
Philosophy, University of Nebraska
For the Separation of Church & State
Apr 5 William Jenkins
1st District Congressman
Freedom within a Democracy
Apr 12 John Hardwig
Philosophy, ETSU
The Duty to Die
Apr 19 Nat Hentoff
syndicated columnist
The Duty to Die
Apr 26 John Arthur
Director of Pre-Law, SUNY Binghamton
Hate Speech
May 3 Felton Best
Afro-American Studies
Central Connecticut State College
The Role of the Black Church
May 10 Elwood Watson
History, ETSU
Contemporary Black Conservatism

1998-1999 Season

Date Aired Person Topic
Sept 6 Bob Chase
President, National Education Association
Public Education and the New Unionism
Sept 13 Jeanne Allen
President, Center for Education Reform
Education Reform
Sept 20 Gerald Bracey
Author: Setting the Record Straight
Misconceptions about Public Education
Sept 27 Nina Shokraii
Analyst, Heritage Foundation
Why We Need Vouchers: Giving Parents Choice
Oct 4 Adele Robinson
lobbyist, National Education Association
How Vouchers Undermine Public Education
Oct 11 David Imig
CEO, American Association Of Colleges for Teacher Education
The need for teacher education
Oct 18 John Goodlad
President, Institute for Educational Inquiry
Reforming teacher education
Oct 25 Dorothy Rich
Director, Home and School Institute
Cooperation between parents & schools
Nov 1 James McIntyre
American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
Corporal Punishment in the Schools
Nov 8 Barry Lynn
Executive Director
Americans United for Separation of Church & State
What Role, if any, should religion play in the public schools
Nov 15 Randy Tate,
Executive Director, Christian Coalition
What Role, if any, should religion play in the public schools
Nov 22 Michael Pritchard
Dir. Center for the Study of Ethics in Society
Western Michigan University
Moral Education
Nov 29 Shirley Strum Kinney
Pres. SUNY, Stony Brook / Chair Boyer Commission
Educating Undergraduates in Research Universities
Dec 6 Jean Bethke Elshtain
Chairwoman, Institute for American Values
Professor Divinity, University of Chicago
The Role of the University in Civic Education



Date Name Topic
Dec 13 Albert Pierce
Department of Military Strategy
National Defense University
Just War Theory
Dec 20 Chuck Fager
author, editor, and activist
Why Pacifism is Reasonable
Dec 27 Nancy Sherman
Distinguished Professor of Ethics
Naval Academy
The Virtues of the Warrior
Jan 3 David Andre
Decorated Vietnam Vet
Former chair, Military Strategy
National War College
Nature and Conduct of War
Jan 10 Stephen Schwartz
guest scholar
Brookings Institution
Costs of Nuclear Weapons
Jan 17 Barry Smith
Research Scientist
National Center for Geographic Information
and Analysis, SUNY, Buffalo
War and Territoriality
Jan 24 Richard Haass
Director, Foreign Policy Studies
Brookings Institution
Non-conventional Uses of a Conventional Military
Jan 31 William Hawk
Academic Dean
Eastern Mennonite College
Images of the Enemy in War
Feb 7 John Paul Lederach
Center for Conflict Transformation
Eastern Mennonite College
Non-violent Alternatives to War

Spring 1999

Date Guest Topic
Feb 14 Keith Green
Philosophy, ETSU
Understanding Religious Texts
Feb 21 Michael Lerner
editor, Tikkun
Feb 28 Jamal Elias
Religious Studies, Amherst College
Mar 7 Gail Stenstad
Philosophy, ETSU
Mar 14 Jeffrey Gold
Mar 21 James Randi
Magician and critic of pseudoscience
Mar 28 Walter Bruggemann
Columbia Theological Seminary
April 4 James Crocker
Speech, University of Cincinnati
Spiritual Communication
April 11 Phillip Quinn
Philosophy, University of Notre Dame
God is the author of morality
April 18 John Arthur
Director, Philosophy, Politics & Law
Binghamton University
God is not necessary for morality
April 25 Randy Tate
Executive Director, Christian Coalition
The Coalition's view of the Political Order
May 2 Carter Heyward
Professor of Theology
Episcopal Divinity School
Saving Jesus from Those Who Are Right
May 9 Steve Wiser
New Meadow Run Burderhof Community
Radical Discipleship
May 16 Dale Martin
Professor of Religion, Duke
Gays/Lesbians and the Bible
May 23 Michael E. Nielsen
Georgia Southern University
Psychology of Religion


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