"Ideas and Issues"

Hugh LaFollette

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The Millennium Series (1999-2000)

Understanding our world
Date Guest Topic
Sept 5 Liba Taub
Curator, Whipple Museum, Cambridge University
early technology and science
Sept 12 George Gale
Philosophy, U. of Missouri, Kansas City
birth of modern science
Sept 19 Donald Worster
History, U. Kansas
the origins of our ecological predicament
Sept 26 Gary Cziko
Ed. Psychology, UIUC
Oct 3 Don Howard
History and Philosophy of Science, Notre Dame
relativity and quantum physics
Oct 10 Niall Shanks
Philosophy and Biology, ETSU
relationship between technology and science
Oct 17 Michael Castalaz
Physics, ETSU
the importance of space exploration
Oct 24 Don Gotterbarn
Computer Science, ETSU
computers and communication
Oct 31 James Randi
Magician; Director of the
James Randi Educational Fund
pseudo science
Nov 7 Robert Batterman
Ohio State
chaos theory
Nov 14 Amory Lovins
Director, Rocky Mountain Institute
sustainable energy
Nov 21 Andrew Light
New York University
preserving our environment
Nov 28 Paul Waggoner
Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
population and agriculture

The Social Order

Dec 5 Doug Burgess
History, ETSU
early Greek democracy
Dec 19 Weixing Chen
Political Science, ETSU
China: Past, Present, and Future
Dec 26 Christine Rider
Economics, St. John's
emergence of capitalism
Jan 2 Ira Berlin
History, University of Maryland
Jan 9 Matthew Evangelista
Political Science, Cornell
Cold War
Jan 16 Michael Parenti
Jan 23 Jack Sweeney
Latin American Consultant
global capitalism
Jan 30 Lyman Sargent
Political Science, U. of Missouri-St. Louis
utopian thinking
Feb 6 Jon Bingen
Dir., Europa Program (Norwegian think tank)
European socialism
Feb 13 Ricardo Chavarria
former government minister in Nicaragua
emerging democracies
Feb 20 Eric Foner
History, Columbia
American Freedom
Feb 27 David Crocker
Public Policy, U. of Maryland
reckoning past wrongs

The Power of Ideas
Mar 5 James P. Allen
Curator, Egyptian Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Egyptian influences
Mar 12 Martha Nussbaum
Law, University of Chicago
Greek tragedy
Mar 19 Jerry Bentley
History, University of Hawaii
Cross Cultural Exchanges in Pre-Modern Societies
May 26 John Haldane
Philosophy, University of St. Andrews
Medieval influences
Apr 2 Todd Lekan
Philosophy, Muskingum College
Descartes (mind and body)
Apr 9 Stan Malless
Education, Simpson College
co-author, Coined by Shakespeare
Apr 16 John Richtti
English, U. of Pennsylvania
The Novel
Apr 23 Nathan Hale, Jr.
The Rise and Crisis of Psychoanalysis in the US
Apr 30 Scott Kotterbay
Art & Design, ETSU
May 7 Stanley Fish  
University of Illinois, Chicago
May 14 Jeffrey Dean
Blackwell Publishers
May 21 Aaron Meskin
Philosophy, Texas Tech University
Popular Art
May 28 David Chalmers
Philosophy, U. of Arizona
Artificial Intelligence


"Morality and Money"


Philosophical and Religious View of Money
Date Guest Topic
Sept. 3 Randall Wray
Economics, University of Missouri - KC
Origins of Money
Sept. 10 Daniel Finn
Economics and Theology, St. John's College
A Christian Understanding of Money
Sept. 17 Jonathan Hoenig
Pres. CapitalistPig Assets Management
author of Greed Is Good
Greed is Good
Sept. 24 Peter Singer
Center for Human Values , Princeton
Greed is Detrimental
Oct. 1 Claire Gaudiani
President, Connecticut College
Oct. 8 Shahid Athar
Vice-President, Islamic Medical Association
Islamic View of Charity

Forms of Property
Date Guest Topic
Oct. 15 Lawrence Lessig
Stanford Law
forms of property
Oct. 22 David Schmidtz
Philosophy, University of Arizona
personal property
Oct. 29 Lawrence Lessig
Stanford Law
intellectual property
Nov. 5 John Boatright
Management, Loyola U. Business
corporate property
Nov. 12 Mark Sagoff
Institute for Philosophy and Public Affairs
communal property
Nov. 19 David Haslett
Philosophy, U. of Delaware
Nov. 26 Barry Bracewell-Milnes
consultant and tech advisor
Adam Smith Institute, UK

Date Guest Topic
Dec. 3 Gail Stenstad
Philosophy, ETSU
Buddhist Conception of Work
Dec. 10 Michael West
Aston Business School (UK)
Job Satisfaction
Dec.17 Paul and Sarah Edwards
authors of Working from Home
Working at Home
Dec. 24 Francine Blau
Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University
Economics of Women, Men, and Work
[new edition forthcoming soon]
Women at Work
Dec. 31 Steven Lopez
School of Public Health, U. of Michigan
Blue-Collar Workers
Jan. 7 Philip Martin
Economics, U. California, Davis
Migrant Workers
Jan 14 William Tabb
Economics, Queen’s College, CUNY
Hiring third world workers


Date Guest Topic
Jan. 21 Jonathan Wolff
Philosophy, University College, London
Jan 28 J.R. Clark
Probasco Chair in Free Enterprise
University of Tennessee, Chattanooga
objections to the minimum wage
Feb 4 Jared Bernstein
Senior Scholar, Economic Policy Institute
in support of the minimum wage
Feb 11 Ray Marshall
Professor Emeritus, U. of Texas
history of collective bargaining
Feb. 18 Charles Baird
Director, Smith Center for Private Enterprise Studies
California State University, Hayward
misgivings about collective bargaining
Feb 25 Barry Bluestone
Political Economy, Northeastern University
future of collective bargaining
Mar 4 Scott Klinger
Co-Director, Responsible Wealth
executive pay
Mar 11 Paul Osterman
Human Resources and Management
Sloan School,  MIT
Policies for the new labor market


Governments and Money
Date Guest Topic
Mar 18 Scott Koterbay
Art and Aesthetics, ETSU
government support of arts & humanities (pro)
Mar 25 Arthur Brooks
Public Administration and Urban Studies
Georgia State University
government support of arts & humanities (con)
Apr 1 Jim Frogue
Policy Analyst, Heritage Foundation
against national health care
Apr 8 Norman Daniels
Philosophy, Tufts University
the importance of the government in providing health care
Apr 15 Michael Ignatieff
Visiting Carr Professor
of Human Rights Practice, Harvard
Apr 22

Leslie Lenkowsky
Professor, Center of Philanthropy
Indiana University

The importance of welfare reform
Apr 29 Deborah Goldberg
Deputy Director, Democracy Project
New York University
money and politics
May 6 Michael McConnell
Law, University of Utah
tax exemption for churches
May 13 Rod Martin
National Chairman, The Vanguard
flat taxation
May 20 Ed McCaffery
Law, University of Southern California
progressive taxation
May 27 Stephen Bezruchka
Physician, International Health Program
U. of Washington
inequality is unhealthy
[Mortality Tables]


"Citizen, Nation, and World"
2001-2002 Series
"Nations and Nationalism"




Sept 2

Arend Lijphart
Political Science, U. of California, San Diego

different political systems

Sept 9

Jonathan Wolff
Philosophy, University College, London

different economic systems

Sept 16

cancelled for special NPR coverage on the bombings in NYC and Washington

Sept 23

Joyce Goodfriend
author, Before the Melting Pot
History, U. of Denver

the melting pot

Sept 30

Jacob Levy
Political Science, University of Chicago

multicultural citizenship

Oct 7

Amitai Etzioni
Professor, George Washington University
Editor, The Responsible Community

significance of community

Oct 14

Richard Mulgan
Public Policy, Australian National University
author, Maori, Pakeha, and Democracy

indigenous peoples

Oct 21

Judith Lichtenberg
Institute for Philosophy and Public Affairs
University of Maryland


Oct 28

David Miller
Politics and International Relations, Oxford


Nov 4

Alan Kraut
History, American University


Nov 11

Richard Lamm
Dir. Center for Public Policy & 
Contemporary Issues, University of Denver


"Cooperative Relations between Governments"




Nov 18

Sarah Anderson
Global Economy Program
Institute for Policy Studies 

North American Free Trade Agreement

Nov 25

Al Zaponta 
CEO, US-Mexico Chamber or Commerce
North American Free Trade Agreement

Dec 2

Neil MacCormick
Member of EU Parliament

European Union

Dec 9

Brett Shaefer
Fellow, International Affairs
Heritage Foundation

United Nations

Dec 16 Jeffrey Laurenti
Executive Director of Policy Studies
 United Nations Association of United States

United Nations

Dec 23

David Wippman
Cornell Law

International Court of Justice

Dec 30

Ramachandra Guha
author, Environmentalism: A Global History

environmental coordination

Jan 6 Eugene Skolnikoff 
Political Science, MIT
international scientific cooperation
Jan 13 Robert Needhman
Economics, University of Waterloo, Canada

significance of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

"Adversarial Relations between Governments"




Jan 20


 Sidney Weintraub 
Chair in Political Economy 
Center for Strategic and International Studies

economic sanctions

Jan 27

Joseph Cirincione 
Dir.,  Carnegie Non-Proliferation Project

nuclear proliferation

Feb 3

Charles Beitz
Prof. of Government, Princeton University

humanitarian intervention

Feb 10 Jules Lobel
University of Pittsburgh Law School

humanitarian intervention

Feb 17

William Hawk
Philosophy, James Madison University


Feb 25

Jordan Peterson
Psychology, University of Toronto
psychology of terrorism
Mar 3 Douglas Lackey
Philosophy, City University of New York
Mar 10 Martha Nussbaum
University of Chicago
emotions in a time of crisis


"International Justice"




Mar 17

Thomas Pogge
Philosophy, Columbia U.

global economic justice

Mar 24

Dan Banik
Development, University of Oslo

politics of hunger

Mar 31

Jan Narveson
Philosophy, University of Waterloo, CA

we do not need to help them

Apr 7 Raymond Hopkins
Richter Professor of Political Science
Swarthmore College
causes of (continuing) hunger

Apr 14

Janna Thompson
Philosophy, Monash University, AU

history and injustice

Apr 21

Andrew Valls
Political Science, Morehouse College

Apr 28

Martha Nussbaum
Law, University of Chicago

women and development

May 5

Desmond McNeil
Senior Scholar
Center for Development and the Environment
University of Oslo

ethics and economics

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