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Date Aired

Randall Dale Adams
mistakenly convicted of murder
spent three years on death row

Capital Punishment

Jan 25, 1996

Jeanne Allen
President, Center for Education Reform

Education Reform

Sept 6, 1998

Douglas Amy
Department of Politics
Mt. Holyoke College

Proportional Representation

Dec 21, 1997

David Andre
Former chair, Military Strategy
War College

Nature and Conduct of War

Jan 3, 1999

David Archard
Department of Moral Philosophy
University of St. Andrews, SCOTLAND

Privacy and the Media

Feb 16, 1996

Robert Audi
Department of Philosophy
University of Nebraska

Religion in the State

Mar 29, 1998

Tom L. Beauchamp
Kennedy Institute of Ethics
Georgetown University
Physician Assisted Suicide Oct. 12, 1995
Charles Beitz
Political Science
Princeton University
Humanitarian Intervention Feb 3, 2001

Ira Berlin
Dean, Arts & Sciences
University of Maryland


Jan 2, 2000

Stephen Bezruchka
Physician, International Health Program
U. of Washington
Inequality and Health May 27, 2001
Francine Blau
Industrial and Labor Relations
Cornell University
Women at Work Dec 24, 2000

Sissela Bok
Department of Population Studies
Harvard University

Honesty in Public Life

Oct 26, 1997

Gerald Bracey
Author, Setting the Record Straight

Misconceptions about Public Education

Sept 20, 1998

Arthur Brooks
Maxwell School
Syracuse University
Problems with Government Support for the Arts Mar 25, 2001

Bob Chase
National Education Association

Public Education and the New Unionism

Sept  6, 1998

Weixing Chen
Political Science
East Tennessee State University

Abortion and Birth Control in China

Dec 7, 1995

Joseph Cirincione
Director, Nuclear Proliferation Project
Carnegie Institute for International Peace
Nuclear Proliferation Jan 27, 2002

David Crocker
School of Public Affairs
University of Maryland

World Hunger and Development

Mar 21, 1996

Gary Cziko
Educational Psychology
University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana
Evolution Sept 26, 1999
Norman Daniels
Tufts University
The Government's Role in Health Care April 1, 2001

Richard Dawkins
Oxford University


May 4, 1997

Jamal Elias
Religious Studies
Amherst College


Feb 28, 1999

Amitai Etzioni
George Washington U.
The Significance of Community Oct 7, 2001

Walter Feinberg
Educational Policy Studies
University of Illinois

In Favor of Affirmative Action

Oct 31, 1996

Steven Fesmire
Philosophy, ETSU (at time of interview)
now, Green Mountain College
Why I Am a Secular Humanist May 9, 1996
Stanley Fish
Dean of Arts and Sciences
University of Illinois, Chicago
Deconstruction May 7, 2000

Eric Foner
Columbia University

American Freedom

Feb 20, 2000

George Gale
University of Missouri-Kansas City

The Birth of Modern Science

Sept 12, 1999

Claire Gaudiani
Connecticut College
Philanthropy Oct 1, 2000

Duane Gish
Senior Vice President
Institute for Creation Research

In Defense of Creationism

Apr 18, 1996

Joyce Goodfriend
author, Before the Melting Pot
History, U. of Denver
Melting Pot Sept. 23, 2001

Jeffrey Gold
Philosophy Department
East Tennessee State University


Mar 14, 1999

John Haldane 
Moral Philosophy
University of St. Andrews (UK)
Why I Am a Theist Jan 19, 1997

John Hardwig
Philosophy Department
East Tennessee State University

The Duty to Die

Apr 12, 1998

William Hawk
Academic Dean
Eastern Mennonite College

Images of the Enemy in War

Jan 31, 1999

Raymond Hopkins
Political Science
Swarthmore College
The Causes of Continuing Hunger Apr 7, 2001
Don Howard
History and Philosophy of Science
University of Notre Dame
Relativity Theory  Oct 3, 1999
Michael Ignatieff
Carr Center for Human Rights
Harvard University
Welfare Apr 15, 2001
Michael Lerner
author, Jewish Renewal
editor, Tikkun
Judaism Feb 21, 1999
Lawrence Lessig
Stanford University
Forms of Property

Intellectual Property
Oct 15, 2000

Oct 29, 2000
Jacob Levy
Political Science
University of Chicago
Multiculturalism Sept 30, 2001

Arend Lijphart
Department of Politics
U. of California, San Diego

Two Forms of Democracy

Dec 14, 1997

Jules Lobel
University of Pittsburgh
Humanitarian Intervention Feb. 10, 2001

Barry Lynn
Executive Dir., Americans United
for the Separation of Church & State

The Role of Religion in the Public Schools

Nov 8, 1998

Neil MacCormick
Member of European Parliament
Professor Emeritus, Edinburgh University
European Union Dec. 2, 2001
Michael McConnell
Law, University of Utah
Tax Exemption for Churches May 6, 2001
Stan Malless
Education, Simpson College
Coauthor, Coined by Shakespeare


Apr 9, 2000

Rod Martin
National Chairman
The Vanguard
Flat Taxes May 13, 2001

Don Marquis
Department of Philosophy
University of Kansas

Why Abortion is Immoral

Feb 8, 1996

Dale Martin
Religious Studies, Yale University
Homosexuality and the Bible May 16, 1999
Philip Martin
University California, Davis
Migrant Workers Jan 7, 2001

Charles Mills
Philosophy Department
University of Illinois, Chicago

The Continuing Importance of Race

Oct 17, 1996

Jeffrie Murphy
Regius Professor of Law & Philosophy
Arizona State University

Repentance and Punishment

Feb 8, 1998

Jan Narveson
University of Waterloo, Canada
Why We Have no Obligation to Aid the Hungry Mar 31, 2001

Martha Nussbaum
Ernst Freund Professor of Law & Philosophy
University of Chicago

Greek Idea of Liberal Education

Emotions in a Time of Crisis

Mar 12, 2000

Mar 10, 2001

Lynn Pasquerella
Department of Philosophy
University of Rhode Island

Making Hard Times Even Harder

Mar 8, 1998

Jordan Peterson
University of Toronto
Psychology of Terrorism Feb. 25, 2001
Thomas Pogge
Columbia University
Global Economic Justice Mar 17, 2001

James Randi
Magician and Director
James Randi Educational Fund



Mar 21, 1999

Oct 31, 1999

Matt Ridley
Science writer

The Origins of Virtue

May 11, 1997

Adele Robinson
Research Association
National Education Association

How Vouchers Undermine Public Education

Oct 4, 1998

David Schmidtz
Philosophy and Economics
University of Arizona
Private Property Oct 22, 2000

Stephen Schwartz
guest scholar
Brooks Institution

The Costs of Nuclear Weapons

Jan 10, 1999

John Seigenthaler
Director, Freedom Forum
First Amendment Center

First Amendment

Mar 14, 1996

Niall Shanks
Department of Philosophy
East Tennessee State University

In Defense of Evolution

Apr 25, 1996

Peter Singer
DeCamp Prof. of Biomedical Ethics
Greed Sept 24, 2000
Eugene Skolnikoff
Political Science
International Scientific Cooperation Jan 6, 2001

Gail Stenstad
Department of Philosophy
East Tennessee State University


Mar 7, 1999

Janna Thompson
La Trobe University, Australia
Historical Obligation Mar 31, 2001
Andrew Valls
Political Science
Morehouse College
Racism and Reparations Apr 21, 2001

Abraham Verghese
author and physician

My Own Country

Oct 26, 1995

Paul Waggoner
Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station
Population and Agriculture Nov 29, 1999
Paul Watson
Captain, SeaShepherd
Policing the Oceans Mar 9, 1997

Peter Watson
Attorney for parents of children
killed in Dunblane, SCOTLAND

Gun Control

Jan 5, 1997

Michael West
Aston Business School, Birmingham UK
Worker Satisfaction Dec 10, 2000
David Wippman
Cornell University
International Criminal Court Dec 29, 2001
Randall Wray
. of Missouri - Kansas City
The Origins of Money Sept 3, 2000

Frank Wu
School of Law
Howard University

Neither Black nor White: Asian Americans & Race

Nov 7, 1996